He Found Me

He Found Me

An incredible true story

On a tiny island off of Panama, a stray dog approached a young woman, took a cracker from her hand, and skittered away into the night. The dog had never known the comfort of a person’s hand stroking his fur. He didn’t realize that other dogs ate regular meals out of their very own bowls.

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About the Book

Young Dobby the dog in Panama“I was born without a name. Names are only given to dogs who have humans. My mother didn’t have a human, and neither did her pups.”

This is the true story of Dobby, a dog born on a tiny island off of Panama. I met Dobby on the first night of a six-month work project. He was barely full-grown, skinny, and tick-ridden. Though he was shy and skittish, he managed to work up the courage to take a cracker from my hand before darting away.

The moment he took the cracker, our worlds began to intertwine. This little stray started hanging around and slowly developed trust in the humans around him. We fed him, bathed him, and stroked his fur. We named him Dobby.

Dobby took a shine to me and started following me everywhere–on hiking trails, to my dorm, and even into the ocean!

But something happened that shook our happy world. A land developer on the island issued an order to round up all the stray island dogs–Dobby included–and have them shipped to a tiny deserted island, where they would slowly perish. With a looming threat on Dobby’s life, I began to figure out how to save my friend…

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More about Dobby’s story on The Bitter Blog.

Genres: Children's Books, Non-fiction
Tags: Dog story, animal rescue, early reader, nonfiction, Panama
Publisher: Myrddin Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1680630628
ISBN: 9781680630626
List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 4.99
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About the Author
Kate Bitters

author Kate BittersKate Bitters is a Minneapolis-based writer with a passion for magical realism.

She is the author of Elmer Left, a literary fiction novel about a man in his twilight years who runs away from home, Ten Thousand Lines, a dystopian novel about a man who gains consciousness in the middle of an underground revolution, and He Found Me, a nonfiction early reader about the dog she rescued in Panama. Her current project is Ellie Half-Shadow and the Mayan Prophecy, a YA book about a girl split between two distinct times and personalities.

When she’s not writing for herself, she is writing for Click Clack Writing, a company that helps individuals and businesses turn ideas into books. Kate enjoys hiking, traveling in Central America, reading, and candied ginger. She spends a lot of time walking with her dog, Dobby, and biking with her husband, Eric.

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