A Simpler Guide to Calibre: How to organize, edit and convert your ebooks using free software for readers, writers, students and researchers for any ereader

CALIBRE-SLIDER 1Do you have hundreds of e-books but can never find the one you want? Would you like to convert an e-book to work on a different device? Are you itching to organize your e-books but are not quite sure how? Then this guide is for you!

This is the complete illustrated guide to setting up and using Calibre for organising your e-books, paperbacks and other media.. Packed full of tips and information, this guide will help you to:

  • Learn how Calibre can be useful to you
  • Set-up Calibre
  • Catalog ebooks, i.e. add books, edit book information
  • Send e-books to your Kindle or other devices
  • Find free e-books
  • Browse and search your e-book collections
  • Convert e-books
  • Edit e-books
  • Discover, download and send news sources to your devices
  • And much more…

This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that will show you how to navigate the sometimes confusing set of features in Calibre with an introduction to findiing free e-books.

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A Simpler Guide to Finding Free eBooks: A step-by-step guide to discovering and downloading free e-books for the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Android, iPad and other e-readers

free ebooks guidebuy-paperback1buy-kindle1



The all new A Simpler Guide to Finding Free eBooks: A step-by-step guide to discovering and downloading free e-books for the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Android, iPad and other e-readers is here!

Are you an avid reader? Do you find yourself with time on your hands and you’ve spent your e-book budget for the month? Why not try the millions of free e-books which are just waiting for you to find and love them.

This guide is packed full of tips and tricks, illustrated with screenshots with a subject index in the back. A Simpler Guide to Finding Free eBooks is designed to help you find e-books quickly and easily with an alphebetical listing of websites which hold free ebooks from classics to modern works.

There’s too much choice, I just want to find the free e-books on Amazon. This book has a section just for you. If you own a Kindle and you just want to be able to find books using the Amazon system, then looking under the Getting free eBooks using your Kindle section is what you are looking for.


  • PART ONE: 1
  • Introduction. 1
    • Who is this book for?. 2
    • How to use this book. 2
    • So what are eBooks?. 3
    • Types of eBooks. 4
    • Why are they free?. 5
    • eBooks and DRM… 6
    • Copyright 7
  • PART TWO: 9
    • Getting hold of eBooks. 9
    • Top five sources for eBooks. 10
    • Getting free eBooks using your Kindle 10
      • Discovering free eBooks using the Kindle Paperwhite. 12
      • Finding free eBooks using the shopping cart 12
      • Finding free eBooks using the browser 16
      • Discovering free eBooks using the Kindle Fire. 20
      • Discovering free eBooks using the Kindle app.. 21
    • Free Sources of eBooks. 27
    • All Romance e-books. 28
    • Amazon. 31
    • General Browsing (Amazon.com) 32
    • General Browsing (Amazon.co.uk) 34
    • Browse by top 100 books in the Kindle Store. 35
    • Assayer, The. 38
    • Author Websites. 40
    • Baen Free Library. 41
    • Barnes and Noble. 43
    • Bibliotastic. 45
    • BookBoon.com… 46
    • Book Gold Mine. 48
    • Book Gorilla. 49
    • Book Lending.. 54
    • Bookyards. 59
    • Buddhanet. 61
    • Christian Classics Ethereal Library. 63
    • Comic Book Plus (formerly Golden Age Comics) 65
      • Viewing Online. 66
      • Downloading the eBooks. 70
    • DailyFreeBooks. 79
    • Diesel eBook Store. 83
    • [email protected]. 85
    • eHarlequin. 88
    • eReaderIQ.. 90
    • eReader News Today. 91
    • Everyone’s Reading.. 92
    • Feedbooks. 95
    • Free Books 4 Doctors. 99
    • Free Computer Books. 100
    • Free Medical Journals. 101
    • Free Speculative Fiction Online. 103
    • Free Tech Books. 105
    • Girle-books. 106
    • Google Books. 107
      • Finding the books directly through the books search. 108
      • Finding the books through Google Books from the Google homepage. 109
      • Reading the books. 110
    • Gutenberg Project. 112
    • Internet Archive. 114
    • Internet Sacred Text Archive, The. 119
    • Jungle Search. 120
    • Libraries/Overdrive. 122
    • Library Thing Member Giveaways. 125
    • Many Books. 128
    • Mobile Read.. 130
    • MobiPocket. 132
    • Munseys. 133
    • National Academies Press. 135
    • Obooko.. 140
    • Online Books Page, The. 144
    • Open Library. 145
    • Pixel of Ink. 153
    • ProPlay. 154
    • Pubmed.. 155
    • Read Print. 158
    • Retro Read.. 161
    • Royal Society Journal 162
    • Smashwords. 164
    • Sultan.org.. 167
    • Technical Books Online. 168
    • Twitter. 169
    • WikiBooks. 170
  • PART THREE: 173
    • Getting hold of Free Audio Books. 173
    • Listening to the audio books. 175
    • Free Android audio players. 175
      • Books Should Be Free. 176
      • Internet Archive, The. 179
      • Learn out Loud.. 181
      • Librivox. 183
      • Librophile. 186
      • Lit2Go.. 188
      • New Fixtion. 191
      • Open Culture. 194
      • Overdrive. 195
      • PodioBooks. 196
      • Project Gutenberg. 198
      • Spoken Alexandria Project (Telltale Weekly) 200
      • Storynory. 202
      • ThoughtAudio 205
  • Subject Index. 207
  • About the Author 210
  • More from Lycan Books & Myrddin Publishing… 211




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Charity Projects | Myrddin Gives Back

FINAL Slider General 1 copyMyrddin authors and editors are committed to helping several world and local organizations. Browse our collections and novels published to help charity.

We support Water for Life. Christmas O’Clock is a collection of two books and three stories for families, just in time for Christmas. All proceeds go to Water Is Life, to help children and families in an international effort.

Another charity we are proud to support is Farleigh Hospice in Essex, UK, which cares for patients and their families who are affected by life-limiting illnesses. A not-for-profit hospice, Farleigh Hospice relies solely on charity donations and fundraising to continue their good work. “Farleigh Hospice exists to meet the needs of local people affected by life limiting illnesses and to support those who have been bereaved. Through the ongoing generosity of the mid Essex population we provide a range of high quality services totally free of charge. By giving people choice and involvement in the care they receive we make a real difference when and where it matters most.”


HTB New Front CoverHUW THE BARD, by Connie J. Jasperson, published March 28, 2014

(new release)(mature readers)

Genre: Fantasy, alternate history


The youngest master in the Bards Guild, eighteen-year-old Huw Owyn is at the top of his craft. The Spring Conclave is underway, and Huw is late to the ceremonies. While he lingers with his lady, the Bard’s Guild is attacked. Seeking to become the heir of most powerful man in the valley, Earl Rann Dwyn hangs the Guild Master, Huw’s father. His thugs torch the hall with everyone still inside, burning a quarter of the city with it.

Smuggled out of the burning city in a reeking ale barrel, Huw is a wanted man. Starving, reduced to begging and worse, he must somehow make his way north to safety. It’s a 200-league walk, as the crow flies, to the one place he might have a friend, though the path Huw must take is anything but straight.

Murder and the taint of treason – a lot can happen to a man on journey like that.

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What is Myrddin Publishing?

Myrddin Slider copy


Myrddin Publishing Group is an author cooperative with a mission – to support group members in their publishing endeavours.

Take a look at our fantasy section

Fantasy 2 copy

Enjoy tales of adventure, valor, and glory set in ancient and mysterious lands. Prepare for a departure from modern day reality, and journey to ancient lands. These stories contain fantastic settings, heroes & heroines, and epic battles between the forces of good and evil.

Crown Phoenix: Night Watchman Express
Hunted Heart
Children of the Elementi: Volume 1 (Elerian Chronicles)
Girls Can’t Be Knights (Spirit Knights Book 1)
Emeline and the Mutants
Darkness Rising (Book 2: Quest) (Prism 1)
Darkness Rising (Book 3: Secrets) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 5: Broken) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 1: Chained) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 4 – Loss) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 6: Redemption) (Prism)
EPIC FANTASY *With Dragons
Al-Kabar: a novel of Ilauris
Shadow & Spice
Ethereal Entanglements (Spirit Knights Book 3)
Moon Shades (The Greatest Sin Book 3)
Ghost Is the New Normal (Spirit Knights Book 4)
Can’t Go Back (Knight & Witch)
Damsel In Distress: a novel of Ilauris
Crown Phoenix: The Devil’s Kitchen
The Ring of Lost Souls
Crown Phoenix: Lamplighter’s Special
Crown Phoenix: The South Sea Bubble
Unremembered Things: Book #1 in the Wood Nymph Chronicles
Hired by a Demon
Sunrise: Sequel to A Dry Patch of Skin (The Stefan Szekely Trilogy Book 2)
Gates of Fire and Ash
Boys Can’t Be Witches (Spirit Knights Book 5)
The Price of Tea (Ilauris Tales)
The Fallen (The Greatest Sin Book 1)
Harbinger (The Greatest Sin Book 2)
Blood of Witches (Knight & Witch)
A Curse of Memories (The Greatest Sin Book 5)
Backyard Dragons (Spirit Knights Book 2)
Illusive Echoes (The Greatest Sin Book 4)



romance 2 slider copy

LOVE FOR SALE! Escape from the everyday and become enamored. Fall in love with the girl next door and her sweet beau, or be seduced by femme fatales and dangerous men. Break taboos, shed inhibitions, and maybe you’ll get lucky!

Please click on the books before for more information.

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Young Adult

 Sci-fi 2 copy

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 Steampunk Slider copy


Please click on the books below for more information.

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Poetry Collections

Fantast Slider FINAL copy

Collections of poetry from the authors of Myrddin Publishing. Please click on the books below for more information.

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Science Fiction

Sci Fi Slider FINAL copy

Epic science fiction, fantasy adventures with action and intrigue on every page. Please click on the books below to find out more

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Children of the Elementi | Fantasy

Children of the Elementi - Ceri ClarkFrom the ashes of an ancient empire, five must save the future.

Jake: Last in line to the Elementi High King throne, sent through time and space to be brought up in an alien world, he has no knowledge of his past.

Mirim: As the caretaker of the mysterious Citadel which hosts the dying crystal mind of the Matrix, her air power is the only link to the old world.

Kiera: A Romani foundling with growing powers over nature, she is searching for a better life away from her criminal past.

They must find the other two heirs and reunite all their elemental powers over earth, air, fire, and water together with the Matrix to defeat the Empire that conquered their parents. With a fire demon on his trail, can Jake bring together the last of the Elementi in time?

Pageflex Persona [docuChildren of the Elementi - Full Cover


Tales From the Dreamtime | Fairytales for Grownups

Tales from the Dreamstime 429x660 jpg 2013Three grownup Tales from the Dreamtime in one novella…

A conversation with Galahad
A prince on a quest and a goddess in mourning
A stolen kingdom and the Fractal Mirror
Three tales of wonder and great deeds
Three tales of heroes and villains

Open the door and enter the Dreamtime, the world of fairytales, the flower of all that is delightful and mysterious, frightening and amazing.

Available at Amazon

Dark Places | Horror and Darkness

I am Death.  I know who you are…

Dark Places Front Large

There is darkness and madness in each of us. We must do battle with our own demons.
What if those demons opened the door in the back of your mind and stepped out.  What if they became real?  If the night, the shadows, the reflections and Death himself walked among us?  And what if they were watching you?  Waiting?  Thirsting…?But…

Dark Places.  Thirteen stories.  Thirteen poems.

Thirteen doorways.

Praise for Dark Places:

“He paints a surreal picture that sucks you into the terror.”

“Wow.  Brilliantly written!”

Find Dark Places on Amazon, Smashwords and Lulu.

The Dream Land | Love, Strange Worlds, and Time Portals

How far would you go to save the love of your life? Through a portal to another world?

Sebastian, that quiet tax examiner at the corner desk in the IRS service center, carries a dark secret: once upon a time he and his high school sweetheart Gina found a rip in the universe and stepped through it to a strange world of magical beauty.

Far from being a Disney-esque playground, the world of Ghoupallesz bursts with cosmopolitan elegance, alien perversions, and political strife. Gina, the adventurous one, falls in love with the adventurous possibilities. Not Sebastian; always practical, he insists they return to Earth. Gina refuses so he goes back alone, vowing never to return. Yet he finds himself drawn back repeatedly–he calls it “research”–and often crosses paths with Gina. Sometimes he saves her, sometimes she saves him, forever soul mates.

Now years later, life on Earth hasn’t gone well for Sebastian. Then the headaches revisit him, with flashes of memories from Ghoupallesz. Gina is in trouble again, he senses, and he must, as always, save her. Meanwhile, a pair of too-curious IRS co-workers have accidently overdosed on the Elixir of Love he brought back on his last trip and the antidote exists only on Ghoupallesz. With these co-workers in tow, Sebastian returns through the interdimensional portal, fearing it may be his final adventure. He must gather his old comrades from the war, cross the towering Zet mountains, and free Gina from the Zetin warlord’s castle before her execution. Perhaps then she will stay with him.

But are his adventures to the other side real? Or are they just the dreams of a psychotic killer? That’s what the police want to know when Sebastian returns without his co-workers.

THE DREAM LAND is a genre-mashing epic of interdimensional intrigue and police procedural, a psychological thriller marbled with twisted humor, steampunk pathos, and time/space conundrums.

Find the trilogy on Amazon.

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After Ilium | A young man fresh from college meets a mysterious older woman

After-Ilium-Stephen-SwartzFour years of college has not taught Alex as much as he will learn in a month on the Turkish coast!

Fresh from college, Alex Parris, naïve History major and innocent computer geek, claims his reward from his proud parents: a tour of the Classical world. Most of all, Alex longs to visit the site of ancient Troy (Ilium) and walk the same pathways as the Greek and Trojan warriors did nearly 3000 years ago.

While sailing from Greece to Istanbul on a cruise ship, Alex meets an older woman, Eléna, who he indulgently fantasizes as the mythic Helen to his Paris. She, with her own mysterious background, toys with him and draws him into an affair. Eléna leads Alex through their sacrilegious journey through Istanbul and he is happy to try on the confident, adult role he has long desired. Alex sees Eléna as the perfect woman for him and he can see a future together.

The culmination of Alex’s tour is the visit to the site of ancient Troy, a place that is finally more important to him than sex. There, bored with Alex’s history lesson, Eléna sparks a confrontation with some Turkish men. Seeing his lover accosted, Alex must save her, even as he knows he is no match for them. Fortunately for Alex, there are three off-duty Navy men who join him in the fight. When they escape from the local jail, a new Odyssey begins for Alex, making their way across the Turkish countryside. Alex must return for Eléna. But what is he willing to do, how much will he have to endure to be reunited with his lover?

After Ilium is available on Amazon for Kindle, here.