Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure (A picture book with puzzles)

There is lost treasure in that there sea…

minkie-sea-1-under-the-seaMinkie is on the hunt for the lost treasure, but rough seas may stop him. With Bob left behind to look after the ship, Minkie will face rough currents and wander far, far away. Now, on top of searching for gold and jewels, Minkie has to search for a way home. Along the way, he’ll have to solve many puzzles. Will he ever find his way back? Can you help him solve the puzzles and find his way home? Under the Sea Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure is both an engaging puzzle book and a riveting pre-school story. Inside you’ll find letters and numbers tracing puzzles, coloring pages, dot-to-dot, pattern matching games, a word search and of course Minkie’s friend Bob on every page!

Prepare for hours of fun and learning with your preschooler!

Available from Amazon and by special order from your local book store.

The Minkie Monster series of books are activity books for children up to the age of 6. They are designed to be a story book with puzzles which get harder as your child gets older. All the puzzle books have links and passwords to download the PDF so your child can redo the puzzles and coloring pages again and again.


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