Primroses copyright cjjasp 2016Spring is calling!
The magnolias are blooming, and daffodils shout their amazing yellow to the world.
The long days of winter have passed, and spring has come to stay.

Warmer days lure me to my back porch,
I sit with book in hand…but spring!
Unnoticed (but not unloved) my book rests on the cushion beside me.

The songbirds nesting in my garden, the paper-wasps busy making nests in awkward places…spring is here and I must enjoy it.
Salad for dinner, perhaps on the porch.
A light sweater to wear when evening is near.

My heart is lifted and
I wish I could sing about spring!
Beautiful, long awaited,
Spring © 2016 Connie J. Jasperson and Myrddin Publishing Group

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