Stephen Swartz

Stephen Swartz teaches English in Oklahoma, but writes literary fiction and science-fiction late at night.

Stephen Swartz grew up in Kansas City where he was an avid reader of science-fiction and quickly began emulating his favorite authors. Since then, Stephen studied music in college and, like many writers, worked at a wide range of jobs: from French fry guy to soldier, to IRS clerk to TV station writer, before heading to Japan for several years of teaching English. Now Stephen is a Professor of English at a university in Oklahoma, where he teaches many kinds of writing. He still can be found obsessively writing his latest manuscript, usually late at night.

You can find Stephen on his blogon Facebook, and Goodreads.

THE DREAM LAND (The Dream Land Trilogy Book 1)
THE DREAM LAND Book II (The Dream Land Trilogy 2)
The Dream Land III (The Dream Land Trilogy Book 3)
EPIC FANTASY *With Dragons
A Girl Called Wolf
A Beautiful Chill
Sunrise: Sequel to A Dry Patch of Skin (The Stefan Szekely Trilogy Book 2)