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Enjoy tales of adventure, valor, and glory set in ancient and mysterious lands. Prepare for a departure from modern day reality, and journey to ancient lands. These stories contain fantastic settings, heroes & heroines, and epic battles between the forces of good and evil.

Crown Phoenix: Night Watchman Express
Hunted Heart
Children of the Elementi: Volume 1 (Elerian Chronicles)
Girls Can’t Be Knights (Spirit Knights Book 1)
Emeline and the Mutants
Darkness Rising (Book 2: Quest) (Prism 1)
Darkness Rising (Book 3: Secrets) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 5: Broken) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 1: Chained) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 4 – Loss) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 6: Redemption) (Prism)
EPIC FANTASY *With Dragons
Hired by a Demon
Sunrise: Sequel to A Dry Patch of Skin (The Stefan Szekely Trilogy Book 2)
Gates of Fire and Ash
Boys Can’t Be Witches (Spirit Knights Book 5)
The Price of Tea (Ilauris Tales)
The Fallen (The Greatest Sin Book 1)
Harbinger (The Greatest Sin Book 2)
Blood of Witches (Knight & Witch)
A Curse of Memories (The Greatest Sin Book 5)
Backyard Dragons (Spirit Knights Book 2)
Illusive Echoes (The Greatest Sin Book 4)
Al-Kabar: a novel of Ilauris
Shadow & Spice
Ethereal Entanglements (Spirit Knights Book 3)
Moon Shades (The Greatest Sin Book 3)
Ghost Is the New Normal (Spirit Knights Book 4)
Can’t Go Back (Knight & Witch)
Damsel In Distress: a novel of Ilauris
Crown Phoenix: The Devil’s Kitchen
The Ring of Lost Souls
Crown Phoenix: Lamplighter’s Special
Crown Phoenix: The South Sea Bubble
Unremembered Things: Book #1 in the Wood Nymph Chronicles