Ross Kitson

Ross M KitsonRoss M Kitson writes both fantasy and steampunk science fiction at Myrddin Publishing Group, with a six book series–the Prism series–now completed and available in print and e-book. He has also published on web-zines, and within anthologies (both Steampunk and fantasy).

The Nu-knights is a sci-fi series set in modern day York. It is written for ages 12+, although its combination of killer androids, steam-powered airships, kick-ass heroines and action packed chases will appeal to all ages. The eagerly anticipated sequel to The Infinity Bridge is due for publication late 2017.

Darkness Rising (Book 2: Quest) (Prism 1)
Darkness Rising (Book 3: Secrets) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 5: Broken) (Prism)
The Infinity Bridge (The Nu-Knights)
Darkness Rising (Book 1: Chained) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 4 – Loss) (Prism)
Darkness Rising (Book 6: Redemption) (Prism)