Gypsy Madden

Gypsy Madden (Honolulu, Hawaii) loves fantasy, science fiction, and anything British and adores making costumes and dressing up at conventions! She is active with Tol Andune (the local branch of the Tolkien Society), the reading group the Twinklings, The Last Outpost (the Hawaii Star Trek club), and HAN (Hawaii Actors Network). She has participated in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) contest for 3 years as well as helping with the pitch workshopping thread, contributed chapters to the round robin stories of the Doctor Who Internet Adventures (DWIAs) and can even be spotted in the Naruto fan movie Konaha vs Chaos, dressed up as Harry Potter at several of the HPEF symposiums, and in LOST as a mental patient. Hired by a Demon is her first novel in print.

Gypsy is active on Twitter. She is also on Facebook here and here, and on Author Central.

Hired by a Demon

Hired by a Demon

Genre: Fantasy

Three years without a word from the magical half of the world, and suddenly there was a demon in her bedroom. And not just any demon, but Samanith the representative of the sinister Kendrick & Clarke Temp Agency and he had come with a job offer. To feel the intoxicating power of magic just one last time, Vara Harper would have said yes to anything. Even if it meant breaking her promise never to practice magic again. Besides, it was only a babysitting position and it would be their secret. What would be the harm in doing one simple job? What Sam neglected to mention was that the ‘baby’ was a headstrong teenage girl, heir to a fortune, the only daughter of the Agency’s most influential client, and she had been bitten by a werewolf. Vara finds herself facing her brooding ex-boyfriend, currently working as the heiress’s bodyguard. He still harbors a grudge over their breakup and has resolved to make her job an unpleasant one. Will Vara survive the rabid wolf instincts growing inside the teenage heiress who hungers for her magic? Or the lecherous tabloid reporter determined to turn the situation into a front page scandal? Or the pack of wolf hunters who want the heiress dead, and possibly Vara too, and all because she had been HIRED BY A DEMON.

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