Myrddin Authors Help Libraries

This story is linked from the NJ paper, The Asbury Park Press :

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JACKSON — Alison DeLuca is part of an international effort to restock libraries that were severely damaged by superstorm Sandy.

The Jackson author, who has penned a series of young adult novels called the “Crown Phoenix” series, donated about 40 books as part of an effort to fill the shelves the damaged libraries, located in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

“We were really incredibly lucky,” said DeLuca, 52, while sitting in her Jackson living room. “We had friends who lost their roof.”

DeLuca said her Jackson home only suffered a long power outage after the superstorm. Though her family was spared the kind of devastation she has seen to the east, the author said she wanted to help.

Through a collective of independent authors, DeLuca learned of the program “Indie Authors for Hurricane Sandy Library Recovery” organized by author K.S. Brooks of Spokane, Washington.

“I wanted to do something to help libraries devastated by Hurricane Sandy,” Brooks wrote in an email from her home in rural Washington. “Since I’m broke, I figured I could send books. I knew just my books wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference, so I asked other indie authors to get involved.”

Five months after she proposed the idea, 170 authors have joined together and donated 1,200 books to libraries in the region, said Brooks, who was born in New York City and has lived in coastal Connecticut. The books will go to nine libraries that were flooded by the storm, the majority of which are located at elementary schools, she added.

“I’ve worked closely with the administrators at the libraries to make sure they only receive the genres and family-friendly ratings they need,” Brooks said, who is known for writing a children’s educational series called “Postcards from Mr. Pish.”.

She declined to share which New Jersey libraries were participating in the program, to protect them from unsolicited and unwanted donations.

The program not only benefits the libraries but the authors, too; they are reaching a broader audience, Brooks said. Not only are independent authors contributing, but best-selling authors such as mystery writer Warren Murphy are also participating, she said.

DeLuca, who’s “Crown Phoenix” series is a steam punk-themed action adventure, said the program is unifying libraries in need with authors.

The Jackson-based author said: “This is a great way to get the two groups together in a really meaningful way.”

Myrddin Supports Water is Life: Call for Submissions

This year, Myrddin is delighted to announce that the Christmas O’Clock anthology raised sixty dollars for the Water is Life charity. The organization works to create potable drinking water for families and children in the third world.

A special thank you goes out to Sherrie DeGraw, who donated the cover, and Rachel Tsoumbakos, who did the formatting of the manuscript. Nicole Carson did the layout of the cover.

The authors included in the book are: Shaun Allan, Connie Jasperson, Nicole Antonia Carson, Mary K. Mitchell, and Alison DeLuca.

Sales of the book topped last year’s efforts, and we hope to continue the charity drive in 2013.

If you are an author and would like to submit a story for the 2013 anthology, you may contact us here.

Submission requirements:

All submissions to be sent as word docs in attachments. No print submissions, please.

We accept short stories, poems, and novellas. Please keep the length under 30,000 words.

The anthology is for children, so feel free to include the following in your story: excitement, humor, holiday magic (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Eid themes are very welcome!)

We will not accept entries that include gore, violence, sexual themes or language, adult language, mature themes.

Writers retain all rights to their work, as stated specifically in the copyright page and author contract. All royalties from the anthology will be donated to charity.

Christmas O’Clock will be published on Amazon under the Kindle Select program.

All submissions are due by midnight EST July 31, 2013.

Stories will be judged on creativity, interest for children, and compatibility with the existing anthology. You may take a look at this year’s Christmas O’Clock here.

If you have further questions, please use the contact link found on the home page.


Water is Life

We’ve released an anthology of Christmas stories for kids called Christmas O’Clock. It includes two full-length books and three stories, including Rudolph Saves Christmas and Bah, Humbug!

All royalties go to the Water is Life charity, which works to provide clean drinking water for kids and families in the third world. Since the anthology is an international effort, we wanted the charity to be worldwide as well. And this charity is amazing – it dispenses a simple, small filtration system known as “The Straw.”

The Straw removes tiny microbes that can cause typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. It also removes nasty things called “guinea worms” so children can drink and stay healthy. Each one costs ten dollars and lasts for a year.

Of course, that is only a first step. Water is Life also works to put in complete water systems so villages can access clean water without using The Straw.

We are offering Christmas O’Clock for FREE today and tomorrow – 12/3 and 12/4 –  on Kindle in order to get the word out about our book and this very important charity. If you haven’t downloaded Christmas O’Clock yet, do have a look on Amazon US, UKGermany, Spain, France, Japan, and Italy.


Designing the Myrddin Publishing website

Screenshot of the Myrddin website

Screenshot of the Myrddin websiteAfter leaving my previous publisher, I joined a group of authors who decided to group together to create our own ‘true’  cooperative.
We were all very excited to do this. We would all be Indie authors but have the support and combined experience of the group. We all have talents we could share and with the enhanced marketing and bulk buying power of several people we thought we could try something different.

The beauty of the cooperative was that any author could stay in the group even if they were traditionally published or even if we started our own companies. For example I created my own label (Lycan Books) which is in association with the Myrddin Publishing Group.

After getting together with some of my fellow authors online, I went ahead and started on the website ( I decided to go with WordPress because of the flexibility and ease of use.

The website is a showcase of all our best work and is growing – even though we are not accepting new authors. Readers can browse author bios and all our books in one place.
For those interested in the nitty-gritty, I used the Suffusion theme which has sliders  incorporated in the theme.

An app I found really useful was the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer plugin which allowed us to put any link on the site but any visitor would be sent to a customised link based on the country they are visiting from. This along with a YouTube plugin really makes the website ‘pop’.

I really hope you enjoy browsing the site as much as I enjoyed making it.

Heart Search: Book launch announcement

Myrddin Publishing Group are proud to announce the publication of Heart Search, book one: Lost by Carlie M A Cullen.

This debut paranormal romance novel, the first in the Heart Search trilogy, begins the story of Remy and Joshua. Here’s the blurb:

‘One bite starts it all . . .

When Joshua Grant vanishes days before his wedding his fiancée Remy is left with only bruises, scratch marks and a hastily written note. Heartbroken, she sets off alone to find him and begins a long journey where strange things begin to happen.

As Joshua descends into his new immortal life he indulges his thirst for blood and explores his superhuman strength and amazing new talents while becoming embroiled in coven politics which threaten to destroy him. But Remy discovers a strength of her own on her quest to bring Joshua home.

Fate toys with mortals and immortals alike, as two hearts torn apart by darkness face ordeals which test them to their limits.’

Heart Search, book one: Lost is available as an ebook at Amazon on 8th October 2012 with the print book following closely on its heels.

A Blog Tour with giveaway to celebrate the launch will run from 8-31 October. For further details, please visit


Sons of Roland | 1960’s rock memoir

Sons of Roland is a group memoir about the birth, life, death and resurrection of The Visitors, a 1960’s rock & roll band hailing from Brooklyn. It follows bass player turned music mogul Edward Houlihan as he recounts The Visitors’ meteoric rise to greatness, their wild escapades and their tragic demise.

Forty years of sex, drugs and rock & roll explode to reveal the secrets and mysteries surrounding the most bizarre chapter in the history of rock & roll music proving that Elvis is dead, Paul is alive and so are the Sons of Roland.