Tales From The Dreamtime: Enchanting Grownup Fairy Tales


Step into a realm where fairy tales are not just for children. “Tales From The Dreamtime” presents a novella-sized collection of three mesmerizing stories, weaving together a tapestry of magic, heroes, and villains. Discover a fresh twist on beloved legends, where each page invites you to explore the enchanting and sometimes eerie corners of the Dreamtime.

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Grownup Fairy Tales
Grownup Fairy Tales

“Tales From The Dreamtime” offers an extraordinary journey into a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

This collection features three grownup fairy tales that rekindle the sense of wonder we often lose as adults. From a unique retelling of the Galahad legend and his quest for the Holy Grail, to a prince’s mysterious adventure, and a goddess in mourning over a stolen kingdom, each story is a gateway to the Dreamtime—the flower of all that is delightful, mysterious, and amazing.

The novella not only revisits the classic elements of fairy tales but does so with a creative twist that stands out from the fantasy genre’s usual narratives. Readers will find themselves enchanted by the magical retelling of familiar tales, complete with dragons, an evil witch, magic mirrors, and unexpected romance. The vivid storytelling brings to life characters like Arabella, a princess with a sweet innocence yet a wry sense of reality, and Galahad, a knight whose story extends beyond the pages, inviting readers to sit down and have a chat with him.

Grownup Fairy Tales

Designed for grownups who cherish the whimsy and complexity of fairy tales, “Tales From The Dreamtime” transcends the ordinary, offering a delightful escape into worlds filled with wonder, great deeds, and the timeless battle between heroes and villains. It’s a must-read for anyone who believes in the magic of storytelling and the power of imagination.

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