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Found | Book 2: Heart Search: Vampire Love Saga


In “Found,” the second book of the Heart Search series, Remy battles dark forces to protect her family and her existence, this thrilling Vampire Love Saga will keep you hooked as Remy and Joshua face the challenges of love and darkness.

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“Found,” the sequel in the Heart Search series by Carlie M.A. Cullen, elevates this Vampire Love Saga to new exhilarating heights. This paranormal romance novel intricately weaves the fate of Remy, with that of Joshua, an enigmatic vampire, as they confront their darkest challenges yet. Against sinister forces threatening their existence and the intricate politics of the coven, their love and resilience are pushed to the brink.

Remy’s quest for answers and normalcy amidst the chaos draws readers into a compelling narrative filled with unexpected twists, deep emotional resonance, and supernatural dangers. Joshua’s struggle for survival against both coven politics and a greater threat adds a layer of complexity and urgency to the tale.

A Vampire Love Saga

Remy is tested in this vampire love saga.
Remy is tested in this vampire love saga.

The love story at the heart of “Found” is tested as Remy and Joshua face trials that resonate with the timeless struggle between light and darkness, making for a breathtakingly suspenseful read.

This book is about the power of love and the enduring spirit of its characters to overcome the gravest of dangers. Join Remy and Joshua as they navigate the perilous path laid out by fate, in a narrative that beautifully balances supernatural elements with the raw emotions of the heart.

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