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Lost | Book 1: Heart Search A Vampire Love Story


“Heart Search,” is a riveting vampire love story, set in the present day, where love transcends the ordinary into the realm of the supernatural. Follow Remy’s relentless quest for her vanished fiancé, Joshua, as she uncovers a world brimming with danger, mystery, and the unfathomable depths of love.

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Lost is a vampire love story in the Heart Search trilogy
Lost is a vampire love story in the Heart Search trilogy

“Heart Search” book one: Lost, embarks on a captivating journey where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary. Remy, a woman shattered by her fiancé Joshua’s disappearance just days before their wedding, finds herself on a solitary quest that leads her into the heart of darkness and the unknown. Meanwhile, Joshua, thrust into an immortal life filled with bloodlust, power, and coven politics, struggles to hold onto his humanity and the love he has for Remy.

This vampire love story is a mesmerizing blend of love, loss, and resilience. Remy’s strength and determination illuminate her path, even as Joshua grapples with his new identity and the intricacies of his vampiric existence. Their separate journeys show the power of love, challenging fate itself.

A vampire love story like no other

Set against a backdrop of mystery and suspense, “Heart Search” delivers a fresh perspective on the vampire love story genre. With its unique dual narrative, the book offers an immersive reading experience, allowing readers to explore the emotional landscapes of both Remy and Joshua. It’s a tale that resonates with the courage to face the unknown for the sake of love, making it a must-read for fans of supernatural romance.

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