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Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square: A Tale of Love and Resistance in 1980s China


Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square is a captivating coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Pro-democracy movement. Follow the journey of Baiyun, a young college student, as she navigates love, family bonds, and political upheaval in Beijing, China.

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Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square
Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square

Set in the historic Tiananmen Square Pro-democracy movement, Baiyun is a young woman yearning for freedom from her dysfunctional family and the oppressive regime.

As a junior in college, Baiyun’s life takes a dramatic turn when she joins the burgeoning pro-democracy movement in Beijing. Among the chaos and turmoil, she meets Dagong, a charismatic factory technician who shares her passion for change. Their love story unfolds against the cultural significance and family bonds, reminiscent of “The Kite Runner.”

However, Dagong’s striking resemblance to one of Baiyun’s mother’s lovers draws her back to her past, forcing her to confront the memories she sought to escape. As the political tension rises, Baiyun and Dagong’s love is tested, and they must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice for their cause and each other.

This novel is a poignant exploration of the way one’s past shapes their present and future. This captivating chronicle of love, resistance, and self-discovery will leave you pondering the power of individual actions in shaping history. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into this powerful narrative that brings the Tiananmen Square Pro-democracy movement to life.

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