The Artifact | Book 1: Land of Nod


Explore “Land of Nod, The Artifact,” the first book in a thrilling trilogy where Jeff Browning goes on an extraordinary journey through a portal to find his missing father. In a realm filled with danger and wonder, Jeff’s quest unveils a world beyond imagination.

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Land of Nod Book 1: The Artifact
Land of Nod Book 1: The Artifact

“Land of Nod, The Artifact” launches readers into the heart of a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Jeff Browning, a typical teenager, faces the unimaginable when he stumbles upon a portal in his father’s office, leading him to another dimension. This dimension, brimming with fantastic creatures and advanced societies, holds the key to his father’s whereabouts and possibly, to Jeff’s own destiny.

Stepping Into the Unknown: Jeff’s Journey into the Land of Nod

As Jeff travels through this bizarre world, he finds himself caught between being hailed as a prophesized hero and being hunted as a spy. The balance of war teeters, and Jeff’s role in this new world becomes crucial. His journey is not only a search for his father but a quest to understand his place in this strange land.

This gripping tale is a blend of suspense, mystery, and adventure, perfect for those who love stories that transport them to worlds beyond their wildest imaginations. The “Land of Nod Trilogy” promises to be a journey filled with danger, discovery, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

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