Girls Can’t Be Knights | Book 1: Spirit Knights


In the heart of Portland’s spectral troubles stands Claire, challenging every norm in “Girls Can’t Be Knights.” This urban fantasy adventure defies the old adage, weaving a tale of magical lockets, ethereal spirits, and a girl who dares to make a change.

Join Claire on her incredible journey of self-discovery, growth, and acceptance in this heartwarming young adult urban fantasy in book 1 of the Spirit Knights series.

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Imagine a world where ghosts roam freely, and only a chosen few can protect the innocent from their malevolent grasp. In Portland, this responsibility falls upon the Spirit Knights, an ancient order of warriors who have always been men… until now.

Read book 1 of Spirit Knights.
Who says girls can’t be knights? Read book 1 of Spirit Knights.

Meet Claire, a resilient 16-year-old foster kid who has lost all hope in dreams and trust. Shuffled from one home to another, she’s learned to rely only on herself. But when Portland’s ghost problem starts to affect her life, she must find the strength to trust again and accept the guidance of a would-be mentor.

Justin, a seasoned Spirit Knight, feels an instant connection with Claire and knows he must protect her. As they grow closer, he discovers that Claire may be the first female Spirit Knight. Together, they must navigate the challenges that come with this newfound revelation, all while battling the dark forces that threaten their city.

Experience the thrilling adventures of Claire and Justin as they fight against the odds and break the barriers that have held the Spirit Knights in place for centuries. Will Claire be able to prove that girls can indeed be knights? Join them in this captivating young adult urban fantasy that explores the true meaning of family and the power of believing in oneself.

Get Girls Can’t Be Knights | Book 1 of Spirit Knights

Don’t miss out on this enchanting tale that will leave you eager for more. Grab your copy today and delve into the mesmerizing world of Spirit Knights!

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