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Lamplighter’s Special | Book 3: Crown Phoenix


Steampunk Secrets and Sisterly Bonds: Discover the intrigue and danger that Lizzie and her sister face in “The Lamplighter’s Special,” where forbidden attics, time-bending typewriters, and hidden passengers lead them on a quest to thwart a looming threat with their newfound powers.

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Join us on a captivating steampunk journey with “The Lamplighter’s Special,” where Lizzie and her sister navigate the complexities of life, labor, and mysterious occurrences within the grand walls of a sprawling manor and aboard the enchanting decks of a steamship. Tasked with supporting their family under challenging circumstances, they find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue and dark secrets that could alter their destinies forever.

As they toil in the manor and on the steamship, several enigmas unfold around them: the squire’s eldest son is confined to the attic for reasons unknown; an ancient typewriter possesses the uncanny ability to manipulate time and space; a covert passenger conceals themselves within a hidden chamber; and a beguiling visitor harbors malevolent plans against them. Amidst these mysteries, Lizzie awakens to a peculiar and potent ability, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure.

Lamplighter's Special Steam Ship
Lamplighter’s Special Steam Ship

Together, the sisters must unravel the mysteries shrouding “The Lamplighter’s Special.” Their quest is not just about survival; it’s a race against time to uncover the truth before their formidable adversary prevails. Their journey is fraught with challenges that will test their wits, courage, and the bonds of sisterhood.

Alison DeLuca, with her masterful faux-Victorian narrative style, breathes life into this steampunk saga. Her writing embodies the essence of the era, blending the “prim and proper” demeanor with a critical eye on societal norms. Through the character of Mana, the black governess, DeLuca subtly addresses the themes of race and class, adding depth and nuance to the tale. The novel’s light touch and authentic voice invite readers into a world where the past and the fantastical intertwine, offering a unique reading experience that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

“The Lamplighter’s Special” is an unmissable addition to the steampunk genre, perfect for fans who relish in the fusion of historical elegance and speculative technology. Dive into this adventure, where the steam-powered machinery of the Victorian era meets the limitless imagination of the modern reader, and discover the secrets that lie within.

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