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The South Sea Bubble | Book 4: Crown Phoenix


“In The South Sea Bubble, the legacy of the Crown Phoenix series reaches its zenith, as Lizzie and Miriam confront the mysteries of a haunted hospital and a vessel shrouded in legend. With every page, they edge closer to revealing truths that could alter their world, in a story where steampunk ingenuity meets the timeless battle of good versus evil.


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The South Sea Bubble is the enthralling fourth book in the Crown Phoenix series, where danger and romance swirl around an Edwardian hospital and the enigmatic vessel bearing its name. This compelling narrative promises to captivate readers with its blend of steampunk innovation and Edwardian charm, making it an irresistible addition to the acclaimed series.

Edwardian era hospital.
Edwardian era hospital.

Lizzie and Miriam return to uncover the hospital’s darkest secrets: a mysterious patient hidden away, a secret passage that leads to peril, and coded messages that unravel new enigmas. Their journey is haunted by visions of danger that threaten the very essence of Grimstead Manor, pulling them into a whirlwind of horror, adventure, and romance that circles the strange vessel known as The South Sea Bubble.

Critics hail this installment as “Compulsive reading!” and “Addictive steampunk.” An immersive experience awaits fans and new readers alike, as they delve into a narrative rich with mystery, character depth, and a unique setting that blends science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk elements seamlessly.

Alison DeLuca, celebrated for her intricate storytelling and vivid characterizations, elevates the series to new heights with The South Sea Bubble. The novel transcends traditional genre labels, offering a rich tapestry of love, magic, and science fiction without sacrificing the authenticity of its Edwardian backdrop. Can Lizzie’s compassion, determination, and love for Toby help them find a way through Barbara Cantwell’s sinister plots?

As the series’ grand finale, “The South Sea Bubble” stands out for its fast-paced plot, confident writing, and the resolution of mysteries that have captivated readers through the previous books. It celebrates the triumph of spirit, determination, and the magical within the everyday, appealing to fans of Alan Garner, E. Nesbit, and Philip Pullman.

The South Sea Bubble is a journey into a world where the boundaries of reality blur with the fantastical. Alison DeLuca matches the pedigree of the greatest writers in the genre, offering an experience that is both magical and grounded, mysterious yet familiar. This book is a must-read, a perfect conclusion to a series that has charmed and intrigued from the very first page. Don’t miss this grand finale—complete your Crown Phoenix collection and immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime.

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