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In “The Prophet,” the second installment of the captivating Land of Nod Trilogy, Jeff Browning’s quest to find his father intensifies as he navigates a savage wilderness and Artimus faces deadly political conspiracies. This epic science fiction and fantasy adventure is filled with action and intrigue on every page.

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Land of Nod Book 2 The Prophet
Land of Nod Book 2 The Prophet

Jeff Browning’s journey in the Land of Nod Trilogy continues in “The Prophet,” as he searches for his missing father in a strange and dangerous new world. As he traverses the savage wilderness, he encounters peril at every turn. Meanwhile, his friend Artimus grapples with a maze of political conspiracies, trying to convince a reluctant public of an impending threat.

Gary Hoover, the talented author, delivers an engaging and action-packed story with well-developed characters and creative world-building. “The Prophet” deepens the mystery surrounding Jeff’s father and introduces new characters, maintaining the excitement and intrigue from the first book. As war looms on the horizon, the stakes are higher than ever for Jeff and Artimus.

Join Jeff and Artimus in this thrilling quest filled with action, intrigue, and political machinations. Fans of science fiction and fantasy will be captivated by the Land of Nod Trilogy, with “The Prophet” delivering an enthralling continuation of the series.

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