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The Dream Land: Book 3: Diaspora


The Last Stand of the Voyagers: “The DREAM LAND trilogy reaches its climax with ‘Diaspora,’ where the scattered Voyagers must unite for one final battle. Sebastian Talbot, a man lost in his own silence, becomes the cornerstone in preventing a catastrophic future. As allies old and new converge to free him, a mother’s love becomes the beacon for humanity’s survival against an approaching comet. This saga of redemption, courage, and interdimensional warfare promises to leave readers on the edge of their seats as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

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In the gripping finale of THE DREAM LAND trilogy, “Book III: Diaspora,” the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

Sebastian Talbot, also known as Set-d’Elous, is trapped in a nightmarish existence, rendered paralyzed and mute, haunted by the taunts of the malevolent Empress’s spirit who was once his wife. As the last of the Voyagers scattered across dimensions, Set-d’Elous’s salvation seems impossible, until Chucker, the son of Tammy, emerges from the jungles with a mission to correct his fatal mistake – a botched assassination that targeted the wrong sovereign.

Embarking on a daring journey back to Earth, Chucker finds Set-d’Elous confined within the walls of a prison hospital, his only reprieve being monthly excursions with Dr. Toni Franck, his psychiatrist turned spouse. With the clock ticking and a violent cult gaining momentum on Ghoupallesz, Chucker allies with a seasoned detective to liberate Sebastian, setting the stage for a showdown that will unearth centuries-spanning truths.

Dream Land 3: Diaspora
Dream Land 3: Diaspora

Meanwhile, as a comet threatens to obliterate all life, Jinetta-d’Elous (Gina Parton in the Earth realm), a mother of two and Interdimensional Voyager, steps up to spearhead humanity’s leap into interstellar travel. As the leader of the aerospace commission, Gina accelerates Ghoupallean advancements from airships to spacecraft. Yet, with success comes sacrifice, and Gina faces the ultimate test: rescuing her daughter from a vile Overlord and securing their escape as the comet approaches.

“Book III: Diaspora” delivers an exhilarating blend of science fiction and fantasy, intertwining the lives of characters across dimensions in a battle for survival against cosmic forces and time itself. Prepare for an epic tale of love, betrayal, and redemption as the DREAM LAND trilogy reaches its stunning conclusion.

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