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The Dream Land: Book 1


From high school sweethearts to warriors in a cosmic battle, “The Dream Land” follows Sebastian and Gina’s saga across dimensions, where love is the ultimate quest, and reality is only what you make it.

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Lose yourself in “The Dream Land,” where love transcends worlds! Would you chase your heart to another universe? Sebastian and Gina did, stumbling upon a mysterious doorway leading to Ghoupallesz—a realm that captivates Gina but leaves Sebastian yearning for Earth.

Despite his return, Sebastian’s heart pulls him back for daring escapades until the scars of lost loves and wars make him swear off his returns. Fast forward: Sebastian’s mundane life at the IRS is upended when Gina’s danger signal beams from across the dimensions.

It’s a rescue mission like no other, rallying war comrades and scaling the formidable Zet mountains to save Gina from a vile warlord. Yet, as reality blurs, Sebastian faces the ultimate question: Is Ghoupallesz a fantastical escape or a killer’s delusion? Police are on his trail as his life spirals into a thrilling blend of interdimensional mystery, steam-powered defiance, and a love that challenges the fabric of reality itself.

Packed with dark humor, gripping battles, and a romance that will leave you breathless, “Long Distance Voyager” kicks off The Dream Land trilogy—a saga of love, betrayal, and the quest for a place to call home. Are you ready for an adventure that defies imagination and reality?

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