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The Devil’s Kitchen | Book 2: Crown Phoenix


A Tale of Courage and Steampunk Intrigue”: Experience the thrilling continuation of Miriam and Simon’s journey in “The Crown Phoenix: Book Two.” Captured and taken to the ominous Devil’s Kitchen, they must outwit their captors and survive the shadowy dangers of a world filled with intrigue and treachery. It’s a steampunk adventure that merges fairy-tale mystique with a gritty edge.

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Dive deeper into the heart of darkness with “The Devil’s Kitchen,” where the thrilling saga of Miriam and Simon continues in a world where steampunk meets suspense. After their harrowing journey aboard the mysterious Night Watchman Express, our protagonists find themselves in the ominous realm known as Devil’s Kitchen, a place where danger lurks around every corner and human experiments are the norm in the sinister laboratory, The Infirmary.

The Devil's Kitchen
The Devil’s Kitchen

As Miriam is coerced into laboring in an underground factory, Simon faces a different kind of captivity within the walls of a luxurious prison, guarded by jailers whose beauty is matched only by their lethality. Here, in the shadows of Devil’s Kitchen, their bravery will be pushed to its limits.

With its unique blend of fairy-tale narration and gritty steampunk elements, “Devil’s Kitchen” offers the perfect escape for a rainy weekend. This installment of the Crown Phoenix series is packed with suspense, danger, and a compelling battle between good and evil. The characters are so vividly drawn that they linger in your thoughts long after the last page is turned, leaving you eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

This story has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers from the outset, offering an immersive experience that is both engaging and thought-provoking. Fans of steampunk and dark adventures will find “Devil’s Kitchen” to be an unforgettable journey that combines the enchantment of fairy tales with the intrigue of a steampunk thriller. Join Miriam and Simon as they navigate the perils of Devil’s Kitchen, and discover why Alison DeLuca is hailed as a master storyteller whose work is not to be missed by any aficionado of the genre.

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