The Dream Land: Book 2: Dreams of Future’s Past


When a royal mission beckons Sebastian Talbot back from self-imposed exile, he sees a chance not just to save a prince but to rewrite history itself in Ghoupallesz—will his quest to prevent a war save his adopted world or doom it?

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Sebastian Talbot, known in another realm as Set-d’Elous, the legendary warrior, relishes his solitude on a private island, dedicating his days to penning his memoirs—until an emissary from Queen Tammy propels him back into action with a mission too critical to ignore.

Tasked with retrieving Tammy’s son left behind on Earth, Sebastian is drawn back to Ghoupallesz, sparking a daring idea: could he alter the course of history to prevent the devastating Great War he once survived?

As he navigates the delicate fabric of time, Sebastian faces the ultimate dilemma—can changing the past save the future, or will his interventions unravel the very world he strives to protect, risking the family he cherishes in Ghoupallesz?

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